Manual Tool Change Spindles

Colombo manual tool change spindles take you to the next level in automation and serve as an affordable alternative to a full automatic tool change spindle.

  • Colombo MTC spindles accept tool holders so your cutting tools can be mounted and preset for length.
  • Tool changes are conducted by hand with no special tools and take only a few minutes to conduct resulting in increased throughput.
  • Spindle tapers are HSK-C which is non proprietary so additional tool holders are readily available from a variety of tooling suppliers.
  • Colombo MTC spindles have no drawbar, sensors or pneumatic actuator so they are easy to maintain and cost far less than a full ATC.

The most popular MTC spindles are shown under their respective cooling method below but there are plenty of other models available. If you don’t see what you need please use the contact form to learn more.

RV Series

Fan cooled with a shaft driven fan or external auxiliary system. The most economical choice.

RC Series

Compressed air cooled for more rigorous applications or extended cycle times.

RS Series

Fan cooled by an electric fan for quieter operation and constant air flow regardless of spindle speed.

RA Series

Liquid cooled for the most demanding applications or very harsh environments.